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Aranya was set up in the early 90’s as a fair trade micro-enterprise to establish the commercial viability of natural dyes. Due to the non-pollutant and non-toxic nature of these dyes, they tend to be environmentally friendly unlike its synthetic counterpart. It has always been one of our main agendas to promote and popularise the use of natural dyes.

24th April 2013 marked the day of the Rana Plaza collapse, crushing workers to their death, as the world watched in horror. Bangladesh is not alone when it comes to surviving infamous factory tragedies. It is a recurring narrative when lives are lost due to severe negligence from the management and administration. The media tends to have a short attention span on even the most dreadful tragedies. This however, is not a story people can afford to forget. For the 1,100 people that lost their lives during the Rana Plaza tragedy, it is not enough to simply mourn for them alongside their families and friends. The fashion industry should be working towards ethical practices in order to ensure safety for workers and the environment.

To this end, Aranya has set up a small scale production and marketing unit in Dhaka. Unlike the industrial RMG sector, we are heavily invested on our employees as we’re only working with artisans and skilled workers trained by us. We consider our employees a part of the Aranya family and we take care of our own.

Working with natural dyes, our labour intensive production process opens up job opportunities for local artisans in Bangladesh. Expansion of the industry would also create employment opportunities for countless men and women.

Regular self-assessments are conducted to ensure marginalised artisans are being assisted to raise their social and economic status and skill development initiatives are taken to help the artisans grow. We also ensure to prevent any gender discriminations and child labour within the organisation and maintain health and safety standards according to the law of the country and the International Labour Organisation Convention.

Benefits for employees include life insurance, medical insurance, providing living accommodations for majority of the workers, gratuity and festival bonuses. Our leave policy also accommodates time off from work to be allowed to study during examinations apart from casual, medical and maternity leaves and all government holidays. The salary margin for Aranya is higher than the average wage of garment factory workers and over-time opportunities are also available for selected days of the week.

Here at Aranya, we’re proud to say that no worker has ever suffered from any accidents or injuries in the line of work. We always do our very best to provide a healthy, comfortable, and most importantly, a safe environment for all our employees.