Monthly Archives: April 2017



Country page

Is the text on your country page still relevant?

Are your team members up to date? Email me with any updates or new team members (not Carry)

Are the images in the top section still relevant and do you have the 2017 dates? Check out Dropbox for all the new branding.

Social Media

Do you have the 2017 dates on your social media pages?

Are you posting regularly and sharing Fashion Revolution global posts when relevant?  Do you have someone in your team who is managing your social media channels or do you need to share that task with more people?

Have you checked out the new brand assets for social media, like quotes and stats? Find them in Dropbox

Have you shared the Get Involved Packs?  Download them from the website here.   There are images to go with them in Dropbox



Are you starting to upload events to the website? There are updated instructions in the Social Media and Website Guidelines


We are having problems with the search function for events but this will not stop you uploading them.  I will let you know when the technical issues are fixed.



Influencers, celebrities, in your country


Have you told us about any important people who are taking part in your country, in particular large global brands, bloggers, celebrities?  Please email me with details so that I can share with the GCT here at HQ.